I don’t mean to be rude but this is really how I see and feel about it…

I watch the ticking of the clock for an hour and a half,
As he holds the mic and babbles with an evil laugh,
He intends it not but slowly we all feel drowsy,
Each time he talks, our mind became hazy.

Politics and philosophies, I thought it’d be great
But now I think taking this course will be a regret,
I learn nothing but how to fake attention,
As I silently pray he won’t ask me a question.

Handouts are vague and never given out,
You’d have to hunt it in a secret shop,
Hence self-study became a game plan,
In order to pass die-hard quizzes and exams.

Thirty minutes left on the clock,
Thirty minutes to take a nap,
So I wait for time to slowly fly
And hear him say “Class goodbye”


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