Tribute to the Goddess of Love

Aphrodite is the Roman goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and fertility. According to ancient stories, she was born from a sea foam when Cronos cut off Uranus genitals and threw it in the open sea.
Having blessed with an exceptional beauty, a lot of the Olympian Gods had seek her hand in marriage. Zeus, the supreme ruler of Olympus is one of them but Aphrodite refused his love. As a form of vengeance, he arranged her to be wed to Hephaestus, the ugly god of fire (alternate theory: Hephaestus asked for his mother Hera to arrange the marriage). Aphrodite who is only forced on the situation, seek freedom by deceiving her husband. She had had a lot of affairs during their marriage.
Aphrodite and Ares
One of her lovers is Ares, the God of War. Hephaestus was well aware of this affair, and even though at times he gets jealous, he was contented of having the goddess in her arms. Until one day, he decided that he had had enough, he planned to capture the lovers by a golden net and present them to the people of Olympus. Unfortunately, when he showed it to the gods demanding to take back the marriages of their gift from her, they got mad with Hephaestus for making the adultery public for marriage was a sacred thing for them.

Aphrodite, naked and exposed to all, caught the eyes of Poseidon the goddess of sea. He fell in love with her instantly. He told Ares, that because he was the one responsible, he should pay for all the gifts and that he, Poseidon would gladly serve as guarantor. If by chance, he won’t be able to pay the debt, Poseidon would pay for it and take Aphrodite as wife. Hephaestus, not wanting to have Aphrodite out of her arms, forgave her and brought her home.

One day, Aphrodite found the baby Adonis in the street, son of Myrrha and her father. Myrrha who is ashamed of her offspring has left him on the street. Aphrodite who was passing by, took pity on the boy and brought her to Persephone to take care of. Adonis grew strikingly handsome as each year pass and Persephone who was just forced to marry Hades, fell in love with him. When Adonis was on his manhood, Aphrodite wanted to take him back and make him her lover but Persephone wouldn’t give him up.

Tired of the constant bickering between the two goddess Zeus decided that Adonis chose to whom he spend his life with, and without doubt he chose to spend it with Aphrodite. Their days in Earth was full of love and joy. Adonis was a hunter and Aphrodite lived in fear that one day his lover will get hurt. She begged him to stop hunting but he wouldn’t.

One day, Ares who has heard of the story of Adonis and his former lover, disguised himself as a boar and attacked Adonis. Aphrodite rushed to save him but he was too late. She mourned for the death of her lover.
Because everyone that dies, goes to the underworld, Persephone was very happy to have Adonis in her arms again. Aphrodite realizing this, rushed to the underworld and tried to get her lover back but just like before Persephone would not give him up. Zeus came in between again and ordered Adonis to spent half the year with Persephone and the other with Aphrodite.


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