What Makes “Me” Me?

Let’s talk about me, Shall We?
Positive traits: generous, helpful, cheerful, friendly, sweet, thoughtful, caring, doesn’t hold grudges, punctual, smart (academically), skillful, affectionate, loyal, eccentric, compassionate, born leader.

Negative: clumsy, show-off, vain, loud, tends to be annoying, pretentious at times, envious, selfish, gets bored easily, moody, lazy.

I am a/an: bookworm, dreamer, chocoholic, speaker, idealistic, lovely, self-centered (sometimes), sanguine.

I love to: read books (fiction), shop, talk (mostly about me and what interest me), watch asianovelas, chick flick and sitcoms, write creatively, to be a star.

I can’t: dance gracefully, swim, sing beautifully, do artsy stuff, stand Justin Bieber, stand rejection.

I don’t: eat veggies, eat anything that ends with “rry”, do laundry, drink liquor, gamble, do drugs, cheat, play ball games.

As a sanguine, I mix easily with people so my personality tends to change depending to who I’m with so sometimes I can never really tell who the real me is. I always find a bit of me in almost every person I encounter, and I am sometimes jealous of people who are firm of their personality. It’s like their attitude is “THIS IS ME”, while I am the type of girl who is “WHO DO YOU WANT ME TO BE?”


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