Fury of Revenge
I hate it every time I hear you speak,
You voice though loud comes out like a squeak.
I’m sick and tired of hearing your story,
Shut up. Ge t out. You freaking bore me.

I used to like you once upon a time,
But now I don’t and I wonder why,
Is it because you stole my place,
While I thought my life would be a waste?

How dare you act as if we’re both happy,
When we both know you purposely back stabbed me.
Haven’t you noticed the friction that there is,
And how when I’m with you, I’m not at ease?

Get off my throne you pretentious slut,
It’s time for me to take everything back,
And if you ever dare cross my line,
Everything that’s yours will also be mine.

Yes, this is me when I’m angry,
The side of me that you’d never wish to see
No matter how cheerful and fun I seem to be,
When I get mad, revenge becomes a specialty.


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